The Kinks Kovers that are mentioned on Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Website (the best Kinks Site there is) actually come from my database.

That database has 12 fields. On Dave Emlen's site and in the list on the next page you'll only find the first 7 fields from that file:
SONGTITLE, ARTISTS, COUNTRY, YEAR, RECORD (type of record), LABEL (label and labelnumber) and ALBUMTITLE

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You can also download a dBase-file or Excel-spreadsheet with 4 more fields:
DOWN (Y if the cover is in my book "Down all the days", N when it's not), HINM (1 if the cover is mentioned in Doug Hinman's book "You really got me", 1s when it's in the supplement of that book), COV (with the number of the cover), KPS (with the number of the digest of the mailing list
"The Kinks Preservation Society")
(There's a 12th field in my database that indicates if I have the cover, but that field is not in the files you can download)

1708 Kinks Kovers.dbf (dBase-file)

1708 Kinks Kovers.xls (Excel-spreadsheet)

The list and the files are in alphabetical order of the songtitle and per songtitle in alphabetical order of the artists.
At the end of the list and the files you'll also find some songs with The Kinks or Ray Davies mentioned in the songtitle or the song itself.

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