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My Kinks-booklet had 3 main topics: a discography, all the song texts and a lot of sleeves; NO story.
As there are books that tell the story of The Kinks very well, including "X-RAY" by Ray Davies himself
(so why is it called the UN[!]authorised autobiography?) and "Kink" by younger brother Dave Davies,
I didn't consider that as a big problem. But there wasn't a single book with Sloan's story I felt the booklet
just HAD to contain a story in some kind of form.
Around that time I found out that another fan, Stephen McParland, was busy with a book as well.
In May 1999 the P.F. Sloan Web Site announced:
"The book that P. F. Sloan fans have been eagerly awaiting is finally ready! The account of one of the most interesting
figures in the world of modern music has until now only been sketchily documented, with the result that the few
interviews available usually cover similar ground. This book covers the whole of his life right up to the present day,
from his early days in New York, through his days in Los Angeles in the mid-60s at Dunhill Records, the reclusive
period in the 70s, his re-emergence in the 80s, and his continuing devotion to music in the 1990s , a hugely creative
and inspirational force, as anyone who has seen his recent concerts will attest. The book itself contains 18 chapters
covering approximately 225 pages! Following this is an exhaustive discography, covering various aspects of his work,
such as singer, songwriter, session musician, producer, and so on. Several photographs are included. If you have read
any of Stephen McParland's previous works, such as "The Wilson Project", you will be aware of the care and attention
to detail which he dev otes to his subjects. Stephen has known P. F. Sloan for many years, and this book is the result
of numerous interviews with both P. F. Sloan himself, and the people whose lives he has been associated with.
In short, this book is a must-read."

Although the message also said: "This book is not available yet, but if there is sufficient interest,
a limited promotional run will be printed", I decided to drop the plan of writing a story of my own.
Instead you get a few biographies from Internet pages, liner notes and magazines like Bam Balam
(early 70's?), The Rock Marketplace (dec. '74), The Fabulous Sounds Of The Sixties (oct. '82;
Dutch translation of previous article), California Music ('84-'85 and '90-'91), Goldmine (oct. '85),
Song Talk (winter '91), Discoveries (feb. '98) and Otono Cheyenne ('99).
All together they make a reasonable story, but for THE biography you'll have to get
Stephen McParland's book.You can rach him at:

Contents of MY booklet (number of pages between brackets; all together 200 pages):

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