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Child of our times

Barry McGuire

a-side of single, Dunhill D-4014, USA, 10/65
a-side of single, RCA 1493, UK
b-side of single, RCA 45-9670, Germany
Dunhill D(S)-50005, USA '66
EP-A2 "This precious time", RCA 86904, France '66
One Way Rec. MCAD-22094, USA '93

Cat: B

flip-side of single 'Upon apainted ocean' is also essential


Cling to me

Johnny Tillotson

LP-A5 "HERE I AM", MGM E/SE-4452, USA 06/67

Cat: B


CAT: A=not released by Sloan at all, B=only unofficially released by Sloan, C=released before the official Sloan-version


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