Discography (to avoid long loading times, every page consists of just one screen with max. 5 sleeves)

1. Sloan-songs (20 pages)

Official solo-releases by P.F. Sloan in chronological order of the releases:

2. Solo-singles (9 pages)
Solo-albums (6 pages)

Official releases by bands feat. P.F Sloan & Steve Barri
in chronological order of the groups:
Wildcats, Life Guards, Rally-Packs, Fantastic Baggys, Themes Incorporated,
Philip & Stephan, Sheridan Hollenbeck, Jill Gibson, Street Cleaners, Willie & The Wheels,
Rincon Surfside Band, Grass Roots, Sloan & Barri, Imaginations, Inner-Circle

4. Band-singles (11 pages)
Band-albums (5 pages)

6. Various artists compilations (7 pages)

7. Unofficial Sloan releases (14 pages)

Acetates, demos and some live-recordings in alphabetical order of the song title

8. Essential covers A - B - C - D - E - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - O - P - S - T - U - W - Y (50 pages)

Cover versions of P.F. Sloan-compositions by other artists in alphabetical order of the song title

9. Miscellaneous (8 pages)

My first sloan-project, the Jimmy Webb-composition 'P.F. Sloan' and answer songs to 'Eve of destruction'


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