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The last dance (is over)

unknown male artist (Steve Barri?)


Cat: A

LOC @ 11-May-64



Let me be


LP-A6 "IT AIN'T ME BABE", White Whale WW 111, USA '65
a-side of single, White Whale ?, USA 10/65
a-side of single, Polydor 421019, Germany '65
EP "Let me be", Polydor 27780, France '66
LP-A6 "YOU BABY", White Whale WW 112, USA '66
CD "YOU BABY", Sundazed SC 6036, USA '94

Cat: C (Sloan release 02/66 on 2nd solo-LP)

CAT: A=not released by Sloan at all, B=only unofficially released by Sloan, C=released before the official Sloan-version


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