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A must to avoid

Herman's Hermits

a-side of single, Columbia DB 7791, UK 11/65
a-side of single, Columbia DB 7791, Denmark, Netherlands
a-side of single, Columbia C 23125, Germany
a-side of single, MGM K 13437, USA
LP-B5 "HOLD ON!", MGM (S)E-4342, USA 03/66
EP-A1 "A must to avoid", Columbia SEG 8477, UK 04/66

Cat: A


My big gun board

Rip Chords

Columbia CS 2216 / SC 9016, USA 07/64
Sundazed SC 6099, USA '96

Cat: C (Fantastic Baggys release 07/64 on LP as
'Big gun board')


CAT: A=not released by Sloan at all, B=only unofficially released by Sloan, C=released before the official Sloan-version


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