HET DONKERE KWARTIERTJE (the dark quarter of an hour)

The host of the monthly meeting has given "het thema" (the theme or subject), which can be everything and not necessarily has to do anything with music, and everyone has to take a single with him (we don't have hers) about that theme.
Those 7 singles are played while it's completely dark and everybody has to remain quiet.
You should try this yourself one day; you're listening to music in a complete different way.

To donkere kwartiertjes in 2003 - 2002 - 2001 - 2000

HET GASTHEREN KWARTIERTJE (the 15 minutes of the host)

The host can do whatever he wants: play some records, show some videos/DVD's, make a quizz ... or just do nothing.

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