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work of art, made of glass-in-lead, that was made for John by his girlfriend Lonnie (design)

work of art, made of glass-in-lead (final result)

Joep Matthijsen, John Ravensberg, Arno Eijgenraam, Hans Evers

Joep Matthijsen, Alber-Jan Willemsen, Hans Evers, John Ravensberg, Arno Eijgenraam

Hans Evers, Arno Eijgenraam, Albert-Jan Wilemsen, John Ravensberg, Henk Dogge

Herman Hamerpagt,Henk Dogge,Hans Evers,Arno Eijgenraam,Albert-Jan Willemsen,John Ravensberg

John Ravensberg, Rob Kopp, Arno Evers, Henk Dogge, Herman Hamerpagt
(PLUT in Blokker)

Hans Evers, Henk Dogge, Arno Eijgenraam, Rob Kopp (up)
John Ravensberg, Herman Hamerpagt, Albert-Jan Willemsen (down) (Favorieten Expres)

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