PLUT's Eerste Nederlandse Platenboek

After his 2 books "The Kinks / Down all the days [till 1992]", which is mentioned in the bibliography-section of The Kinks-entry in "OOR's Eerste Nederlandse Pop-encyclopedie", and "P.F. Sloan / Take him for what he's worth", PLUT-member Rob Kopp is busy with a 3rd project: PLUT's Eerste Nederlandse Platenboek (PLUT's First Dutch Recordbook).

PLUT's Eerste Nederlandse Platenboek will be a mixture of 3 books:
- "Nederpop" by Roeland Bakema/Robert Briel/George Evers, the best effort so far about Dutch pop music, but without sleeves and album-tracks (and also about 1970-1982);
- "Alles op Favorieten Expres" and "Beat from Holland" by Bert de Vries & Cuny Wagelkamp, the best books when it comes to sleeves (in full colour!), but without a biography and discography;
- "The great rock discography" by Martin C. Strong, one of the best popencyclopedies I know, but with only 2 Dutch entries (Golden Earring and Focus) and without sleeves.

PLUT's Eerste Nederlandse Platenboek will be a book about rock 'n' roll, Indorock and Nederbeat records from the 50's and 60's (up to 1-1-1970). EVERY group or artist with at least ONE record will have an own entry. Every entry will have a photo (if available), a biography (if known), the different line-ups and last but not least a COMPLETE discography of the 50's and 60's (and a selective discography of the post-60's as well). Every item in the discography will have a picture of the SLEEVE (just in black and white) and the hitparade figures, while every TRACK will be mentioned, also of the albums! A luxury edition with sleeves in full colour probably will become too expensive.

As an example I've included 5 pages with the entries of The Outsiders and a few related bands.
Outsiders 1 - Outsiders 2 - Outsiders 3 - Outsiders 4 Outsiders 5

If you are missing something or if you have suggestions to improve the entries: please send your reaction to

I already have about 12.000 (!) sleeves, but I'm still missing around 500 of them. Please have a look at my wantlist

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