ARTICLES (all in Dutch!)


Vonpopp (december 1995), local magazine in Utrecht about popmusic (article 'Gezelligheid en een platenmix' about Platenclub Utrecht)

Platenblad (no. 65 of october 1998), monthly magazine (article 'De omgevallen platenkast' about Platenclub Utrecht)

Menne's paper (fall 2000), school paper about The Zipps by Menne Evers, daughter of PLUT-member Hans Evers

Stad (29 november 2000), local newspaper in Gorinchem (article 'De grammofoon sterft niet uit' about Herman)

Binnenskamers (no. 12 of december 2002), magazine of Pensioen- & Verzekeringskamer (article 'De mens achter' about Arno)

Panorama (no. 7 of 12 february 2003), weekly magazine (article 'Onze club: plaatjesmakers' about Platenclub Utrecht)

Actuaris (july 2003), magazine of insurance company (article 'De actuaris anders' about Arno)

UitGelezen (october 2003), magazine of Belastingdienst/Utrecht-Gooi (article 'UitGelicht' about Rob)

Volkskrant (21 november 2003), daily newspaper (review about book 'Den Haag - Popstad nr. 1' of Robert Mindé with photo of PLUT007)


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