Our monthly Top 10 is chosen from 8 Top 5's, so from 40 songs (doubles are possible, but rare).
Each of the 7 members makes a Top 5 with whatever song he wants, while list #8 is the Top 5 of last month's Top 10 (to keep a few songs in).

Each member is giving 10 points to each list (ofcourse not to your own list). You can give all the points to one song or spread them over more than one song, whatever you want. When you're giving the points you don't see the points of the other members. In the end we count the points and the 10 songs with most points form the Top 10 of that month. It's as simple as that. [Well ... simple? When 2 or more songs have equal points we look at the lowest highest mark (so a 9 is better than a 10). So a bit difficult after all].
The songs with the lowest total becomes the "onbegrepen groef" (not understood groove) or "schaamplaat" (shame record, pubic record).

The Top 10 is published in Dutch record collector magazine Platenblad, which appears 10 times a year. For info about Platenblad you can contact René van Kaam: tel 0518-401640, fax 0518-401622, e-mail

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